Filling High-Viscosity Liquids with Pressure Gravity Fillers

Filling High-Viscosity Liquids with Pressure Gravity Fillers

High-viscosity liquids tend to clog more than thinner fluids, which makes them difficult to handle and fill into containers. Certain equipment is required to efficiently fill and package these liquids, including pressure gravity fillers.

Without this specialized machinery, companies risk complications during the filling and packing process, along with product wastage.

Why You Need Pressure Gravity Filling Machines

Unlike other filling machines, gravity fillers are designed to handle both thin and foamy liquids along with high-viscosity food and nonfood liquids. Some of the products that this equipment can handle include syrups, glues, pharmaceuticals, cheeses, and SAE 70 oil. Facilities can use these for a wide range of applications, keeping the filling process quick and consistent.

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The Different Types of Pressure Gravity Fillers

There are two types of pressure gravity filling machines that facilities can use depending on the application. These include pressure gravity fillers that serve as a permanent integration in liquid packaging systems and table top fillers that are intended for low-volume applications.

Both of these types of machines are typically easy to install and program with custom settings. Most of these systems are also designed to easily deconstruct for more effective cleaning, rearrangement, and replacement.

You can also use these machines for a wide variety of packaging containers, eliminating the need to replace equipment when incorporating new packaging styles.

Using Pump Fillers for High-Viscosity Liquids

Another type of liquid packaging machine that certain facilities may want to use is the pump filler. Pump filling machines are intended for many different types of liquids at varying viscosities, including water-thin products and highly viscous fluids. Like pressure gravity fillers, companies can use them to fill containers of nearly any size and shape specification.

You can choose from several types of pump fillers to meet your needs, including lobe pumps, gear pumps, rotor pumps, and progressive cavity pumps. You can also combine them with pressure gravity fillers for a complete packaging system.

Use an Efficient Combination of High-Quality Liquid Packaging Machines

In addition to liquid fillers, you’ll want to consider all of the other machinery your facility will need to be as profitable as possible.

Some of this machinery will include systems of cappers, bottle cleaners, labelers, and conveyors, all of which will play an integral part in the production and packaging process. Make sure that all of the equipment you purchase and install is reliable, from reputable manufacturers, before settling on specific models.

Using an efficient system of high-quality pressure gravity fillers, pump fillers, and other liquid packaging machinery in your facility, you’ll be able to package liquids of nearly any viscosity level, from water-thin to thicker products.

Be Smart About Machine Selection

The best way to make sure you get the most suitable equipment for your facility is to be a smart shopper. Make sure that you choose machinery from manufacturers that are known for constructing reliable equipment, and purchase it from either the manufacturers themselves or resellers that have an equally solid reputation.

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