Industrial & Commercial Lighting Information

Industrial & Commercial Lighting Information

Efficiency and durability are qualities that are highly desired among those shopping for industrial and commercial lighting, whether it is to be used indoors or outdoors. In most applications, commercial lighting will have a more utilitarian nature.

However, it is still important that commercial and industrial property owners select lighting that suits their property perfectly.

For example, warehouse staff often need to inspect products entering and leaving the facility to ensure that they’re complete and free from defects. Such a facility would benefit from a lighting solution that emphasizes a natural light color, like metal halide lamps.

For commercial outdoor lighting applications where maximum efficiency is the desired goal, high pressure sodium bulbs are usually the best choice. Even though they tend to generate a light that is golden orange in color and thus less natural, they’re more efficient and last longer than other types of lighting.

Selecting the Right Lighting Fixtures

Owners and managers of commercial facilities that want to get the optimal lighting solution also need to consider the type of lighting fixtures they install and their location. Suppliers of commercial lighting products typically offer both low bay and high bay fixtures.

Low bay commercial lighting fixtures are used to light up commercial buildings of various sizes, including warehouses. On the other hand, high bay lamps work by emitting concentrated light without too much dispersion. This feature makes them a better choice for facilities with high ceilings.

A variety of materials can be used for commercial and industrial lighting fixtures. In buildings where aesthetics aren’t a primary concern, such as large warehouses, fixtures with aluminum housing are the most popular choice.

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Some commercial lighting fixtures come with a pulse light option and come with their own igniter and ballast. Pulse start fixtures offer a variety of advantages, including longer lasting lamps, increased durability, faster warm-up and more color consistency between lamps.

Outdoor and Public Area Lighting Solutions

Outdoor LED lighting fixtures that are installed in public areas where security is an issue should be built strong enough to resist vandalism attempts. Most suppliers of commercial and industrial lighting products have a selection of vandal-resistant lighting fixtures that are made of solid metals and a bulb housing that uses a variety of tough materials for the refractor lens.

This makes them very difficult to break or seriously damage. Using vandal-resistant lighting solutions is especially recommended in outdoor areas, as this is where most acts of vandalism happen.

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Commercial lighting product suppliers offer a full lineup of outdoor lighting solutions adapted for use in various locations.

Lighting fixtures, bulbs and refractor lenses designed for carports, parking lots, outdoor walkways and other areas are available. For applications where a decorative look is desired, many lighting solutions combining aesthetics, security and efficiency are also provided.

Choosing a Lighting Solution

There are dozens of lighting solutions, fixtures, accessories and other supplies that will suit the needs of commercial or industrial users.

If you’re not sure which ones are the best for your needs, professional lighting product suppliers can recommend products that work for you based on your needs, budget and the type of facility they will be installed in.

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